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    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Cramming Four Days into 12 Hours

    Well, that's what it felt like anyway...
    Work was great this morning, and I managed to get through it, despite being up all the night before, due to the glories of the great and mighty goddess Caffeina. We loves the coffee.

    The new techniques and styles are coming along nicely as well, despite the fact that when one paints on oneself, it looks about 1/2 as good as it would if you had done it on someone else. *wink*Clickey the piccy to make it bigger and check my newest creation: The Bear-terfly! *laugh*

    After work, we came back to my mom's place for a nap, and she took the kids out to go shopping.

    We weren't asleep for but 15 minutes or so before we got a call waking us up, telling us that they'd been in an accident. *sigh*

    Car is totalled, kids have had checkups, mom has had an ambulance ride, several x-rays, and a cat scan. We just got back here after spending nearly all day at the hospital.

    The good news; nobody is damaged beyond a case of whiplash, sprains, strains, and bruises. So lots of pain, but no lasting damage. Somebody was looking out for my family today. *smile*

    The car, on the other hand, is different story. Notice though, that the little angel on the dash is just fine, despite the obvious violent impact. My mother would see that as a sign.

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    TheRambleman said...

    Like the face painting shots, cool.

    Glad everyone who was in the accident is okay except for a few bruises and whatnot. *hugs*

    faith said...

    I'm glad the kids and your mom are ok. I hope you get all the info you need to get all that stuff paid for.

    I have to say I absolutely love your bearfly. I couldn't tell until I made the picture bigger but it is truly lovely!