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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    I Drive a Small Car

    Changed the tire on Sheldon and moved him into mom's old car's parking space with the help of one of the neighbor's jacks, as ours are all still packed away and the landlord wanted him moved. We were still standing outside chatting when we saw one of the neighborhood strays get hit by a car. Big Grey/Pencil (named separately by different neighbors) died within seconds of being hit, so at least he didn't suffer much, and the person who hit him came back to check on him, so that was something anyway. He was a really good cat, and many in the neighborhood will miss him. He was buried by some who knew him well.

    Later in the evening, one of the neighbors who knew the cat better than we did came over and chatted for a while. Nice feller, if a bit of a beer-hound. Harmless and friendly, just how I like folks who drink heavily and know where I live. *laugh*

    Had breakfast at McYeah today, 'cause we were in a hurry. I got a fish sandwich, which I haven't had in years, and got punished for my frivolity with a stream of boiling oil in the face. When I bit into the sandwich, it shot hot oil onto my cheek. Yeah, the coffee is hot, but I didn't see any warning about evil oil-spitting sandwiches!

    First order of the day after feeding time was getting my mother to the junk yard to clean out her car. Her insurance company has decided to total it due to it's age and the damages. When I tried to drive to where it had been towed on the lot after checking in at the office, there were two giant tow trucks in the way. No worries though, I drive a small car! *grin* With a mere 3" leeway between them and us, my little car fit neatly. Hands and arms inside the vehicle please.... I've got talent, and confidence in my little Eeyore! I freaked out my passengers a bit tough, and they insisted at the next tight squeeze, that I just let the other vehicle move out of the way first. *chuckle* Mom had me take some more photos of the damages, just in case they were needed for any reason. The car looks a lot worse from the front.

    Visited my grandmother to drop off her toilet paper & paper towels that mom had had in her car during the accident. (My mom shops for my grandmother pretty often) We also wanted to go over for a little visit so she could see everyone for herself and see that nobody was seriously damaged goods. She worries like that, and I'll take any little reason to be able to go visit her.

    Had a fun little story time with the family, reading bedtime tales from the internet. I love when we can choke some family time out of a spare moment. *smile*

    Didn't get any of our family's things done, completely missing both of the girls' special things for the day in order to finish the errands for my mother, and ended up missing almost all of Heroes in the process. Good thing I can catch it online later.

    For now, me and my searing migraine are going to lie down and try for some good sleep.

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    TheRambleman said...

    Glad it was a pretty decent day. *HUGS*

    Maurkus said...

    Rar. We need to get in touch next time we're up in town. Not sure exactly when that'll be. We may be doing a Thanksgiving-after-Thanksgiving the weekend following, but I'm not sure whether that'll be up there or down here. We'll try to keep you posted.