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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Server Problems

    Okay, so I pay my server company for my business website every month via automatic payment from my bank account. I pay, they provide service. No problem.

    Until this month.

    I was browsing the net checking on stuff like I do sometimes, and I went to the site to see how it was doing.

    It's not doing.

    In fact, it is so very much not doing, that the page says that the site owner needs to contact billing immediately!

    Great, just what I need; my prospective customers coming to a notice that 'the owner of this business can't even be trusted to pay server fees on time, so don't trust them with anything of importance to you'. That's not what it actually says, but that's what I read it to mean, and I have no doubt that that's what my customers will read it as too.

    Now I'm not saying that the site otherwise would have been much better. In it's previous state, it had a non-functional webcast feed, a link to the wayback machine, and an apology for being created by a goober with no time to upkeep the website. One page, nothing more.

    Pretty sad, really.

    But it didn't say I was untrustworthy.

    After three days waiting for the idiots in customer service to get back to me when I placed the urgent web-message to customer service and billing, I still have heard nothing.


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    TheRambleman said...

    Wow, sorry about the webpage not be up :-( I don't know about others, but if I had gone to your site and found that message, knowing how unreliable e-service for servers are, I would've just kept checking back, believing the site owner was probably unaware of the "message". *HUGS*

    Evil said...

    Id love to tell you most people wont think your untrust worthy. But I cant, Most people wont think Oh something happend in life, a mastake was made, or that there is a logical reason, they will think slacker. I hope everything gets worked out B4 many people see it.