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    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Minutiae & Wasted Time

    Dropped by the government housing office today. The main admin I needed to talk to wasn't there, so I wrote a note to her with promises from the desk clerk that it would go right on her desk and be one of the first things she sees when she gets in the office tomorrow morning. Hope it gets seen and acted on immediately.

    Not quite what I had hoped for, and terribly disappointing to say the least, but that's all I could do.

    Went to grab a copy of "the Daily Events", a newspaper that reports special news like property auctions and the like here in Springfield, but their office was closed. No luck there either.

    Popped in at Crosslines, an assistance org for low-income folks and got the family some winter clothes. Keeb got a new coat, a hat, and scarf, while the girls each got a new sweater, so we did great there! *grin*

    Grabbed mom so we could go visit grandmother (which was a short but fabulous time), and after that time seemed to just leak away.

    Ladybug's father's van broke down as I was going to pick her up, so we had to wait for them to get to a local repair shoppe via tow truck before we could get her.

    It started snowing.

    My mother thought we all needed entertained, so she wouldn't keep quiet about anything and everything that sparked her interest, including but not limited to street signs, sale ads, and passing vehicles.

    Eventually I just got fed up with the endless chatter and walked to a nearby used children's clothing store and went shopping for Littlebit a new pair of shoes. They had a lovely pair of DR. Martins(!) for $10, as well as some clothes on sale and a couple of leap pad books. Hadn't meant to spend money today, but that's how these things work I guess. Next time I escape from my car, I'll pick somewhere to go that doesn't sell things. *chuckle*

    We had planned to do a special art day with Faith and her son as a fun thing for the kids, so we stopped in at aMart to grab some poster board. Big mistake. See, my mother adores shopping. She also can't walk much, so she always grabs an electric cart to ride around in. Those things aren't that fast, and relative comfort does not make for a desire to get back out in the frigid cold in a hurry. She asked to go in to get one item. We went in to buy poster board, she to buy a record player she just had to have. Three hours later, after repeatedly saying how much I was hurting, traipsing through the entire store twice, including the clearance areas, a couple of trips to the bathroom and more, we left with a cart full of things we 'didn't know we needed', balls of painful stress all up and down my body, and lighter wallets all around. *growl*

    After that, we were too tired (and it was too late) to go spend time with Faith. Her son had gone to scouts upset because we hadn't been able to get together, and we eventually came back to mom's place to eat dinner and go to bed. There's always tomorrow, I guess.

    Now I remember why I own my own car. In days gone by, my mother would waste entire perfectly good days driving around, goofing off, or, her favorite; waiting for me while I was waiting for her. A trip to go grocery shopping would take me 4 hours if it were with my mother. Looks like not much has changed.

    On a positive note, she's recovering nicely from her surgery and feeling a lot better now! *smile*

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    1 comment:

    TheRambleman said...

    All I can say is that "I feel your pain". Doesn't sound like you had a very good day, but at least you made it through. *HUGS*