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    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Housing Update

    Housing Update:

    Received a call back from that government office today. Seems they had set up an appointment for the inspection with the apartment managers and someone failed to call and inform me like they promised they would. *sigh*

    Know when the appointment is for the inspection?

    The first of November!

    Ya know, the deadline for me to have my phone hooked up somewhere new, and the last possible day I can have my mail held until? Yeah, a whole month gone, and not a danged thing we can do about it.

    Of course it will take a few days to get the paperwork all settled and such after it passes inspection, assuming that it will, so it's really a month and several days if not longer... *growl*

    Just a teeny bit ticked.

    The worst part is that the girls won't be able to have their costumes, as those were packed with everything else under the expectation that we would have things in storage for a week. There's no way to get to them now, and I can only hope that the girls will be happy with whatever I can manage to come up with for them on such short notice. I hate to disappoint them like this.

    Danged 'unforseeable circumstances'!

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    lovelife said...

    hi so sorry it has taken longer to get your place. But you will have it soon I hope. tell the kids hi for me.

    TheRambleman said...

    Damn! Nov. 1st? That's just insane to make your family be homeless (as far as they know) for an entire month. If you need to get away from 'the city life', you can always come here and visit :-)