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    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    Moving Mayhem & Home Hilarity

    I dropped off at the landlord's office to talk to him about what's going on with the new place and drop off the rent check.

    See, I had the check all written up, but it seems someone packed up the address stickers I use to mail it off, so I had to go in and get new ones, or at least the address. Lucky for me that happened though, because the new place needs to have it's rent paid to a different address. *boggle* They just took my check there, and gave me a set of the new address labels for when we move.

    The housing paperwork was right there on the desk, so I took a look at it and asked when he was going to sign it, when I was told that the ceiling in the new place was leaking directly onto the carpet. Now, I had said it needed a new roof, but this was rich! And it went further...

    So I'm in the office letting them know that the inspection is going to have to wait a bit because there were no inspection appointments open for today, and they say that is alright, then proceed to tell me a tale.

    1) The new tenants are getting really antsy to move into their new place from the crap-villa he has them in right now.

    2) They had forced the carpet guys (they are replacing some carpet too) to rearrange their schedule in order to get the carpet in today.

    3) It is raining, right on the spot they need to replace, so they can't do that, or it would ruin the new carpet too, so after forcing a schedule change, they had to cancel.

    4) These carpet guys only work in places folks aren't living in for the most part, and housing definitely won't approve a place with carpet as bad as that is right now anyway. It has to be done before we take possession of the property.

    5) The roofers they hired only work in Springfield on the weekends.

    6) Everybody knows roofers don't work in the rain.

    7) It is scheduled to rain all weekend long.

    8) They have ordered new windows, but they haven't come in yet.

    9) They can't ask me to move out of here because they promised I could move straight into the new place (and they don't want to loose a single day of their rent check for pro-rating the month)

    10) The new tenants can't move in until we move out and the walls get a new paint job.

    Methinks I sees me a wee problem with this whole honoring the contract to rent our current home to somebody else by October 1st.

    Now I think this is humorous as all get out because he literally did this to himself. If he hadn't been all about getting more cash for this place or "letting us live somewhere nice with a yard", this wouldn't have happened. I just love it when Karma works so very quickly and efficiently! *giggle*

    On another note, we got the paperwork signed, they have edited the newest lease to not sound like a paranoid crack-head wrote it, and things seem to be moving along rather smoothly. Now I just have to make sure they replace that ugly spot in the front of the house, and fix the basement. Then we'll be all set. *grin*


    lovelife said...

    lol why dont roofers work in the rain. Storm has worked every d ay this week lol
    sounds like stuff is going to move on for you all just not very fast. Sorry about that

    Whimspiration said...

    Oh my, we may be moving sooner than we think then! We can hope anyway :D

    After all, you are the expert in when roofers can and can't work. *grin*

    Thanks for the heads-up!

    lovelife said...

    sorry was not trying to be rude. just think that some stuff can be done in the rain lol sorry

    Whimspiration said...

    Oh no hun, I wasn't thinking you were being rude in the slightest!

    You really ARE the local expert on when roofers work as far as I'm concerned. I know nothing about all that, and you are married to a roofer. That's enough expertise for me to rely on. *smile*

    Sorry if I came off wrong *hug*

    I honestly didn't think roofers could replace a roof in the rain. *blush*

    TheRambleman said...

    Sounds like 'things' are moving right along. Well, here it is Sunday and it's not raining. Hope they're working on your roof! Unless of course that's rescheduled. (?) Anyway, here's to happy moving! :-)

    Whimspiration said...

    We drove by today, and the roof is still a shambles. The trash hasn't been taken to the curb (still stinking in the back of the house), and on second look, it needs a serious power wash and a hefty mowing. Still not sure if we'll be here or somewhere else come the first of the month. The uncertainty is killing me.