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    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    The Crazies Were Out

    The *"Christian" woman at the square tonight was a doosey!

    She was stoned on something, and accosted the smaller children (age 5 & 6). I told her to leave them alone and that what she was doing was dangerous and abusive, and she started screaming at me, obscenities and all. After I told her she was too stoned to even make eye contact, she swivelled her head to meet my gaze with her glazed eyes in defiance. What a piece of work.

    I sent the children away, telling them that she was dangerous...

    Needless to say, after more of her theatrics, I got fed up and called the police on her. She walked away after being ignored a bit, still screaming and holding up her middle finger. Then she came back and skirted the square while flailing her arms wildly above her head, still screaming like a complete nut job. I hope the police caught her and got her for public intoxication and profanity, for the sake of anyone else who might've had to encounter her in that state.

    Ya know, it takes a LOT for me to get angry, like some stoned stranger accosting small children, telling them that talking to strangers is okay, and asking them about their faith or lack thereof.

    If a Pagan, Buddhist, or Muslim stranger wandered up to a Christian child and started talking to them about their faith and preaching to them, the parents would throw an unholy fit, likely sue, and probably win! So what makes these people think they can get away with the same thing that they would nearly kill someone over?! The double-standards and idiocy of it all truly boggle the mind.

    Mama can get real vicious when properly provoked.

    On the other hand, I wasn't bothered by the proselytizers preaching and singing hymns next to us, or the real Christians who came to chat, but HER? Oh yeah. It's hyppocrispies like her that make a parent want to avoid public places!

    * Christian she claimed to be, but her actions proved her quite mistaken in her application of the title to her own self, hence the quotations.


    TheRambleman said...

    Wow, she DOES sound like a real piece of work. But you handled it well, good job :-)

    Swrdsong said...

    It truly astounds me that some people do not read the whole of what they believe.

    As a Christian, I like to know what was TRULY taught. (no this wont get all crispyish... bear with me). Christ taught tolerance in all things. He only got mad once(in documentation), and well.. someone was subverting a church. With that one exception, he was always cool calm and collected.

    These people who Claim to be "Christians" are just as much subverting their own religious teachings as they are trying to subvert other peoples religion. This does nothing but prove what other religions believe of Christians.

    True Christians are supposed to be loving in all things, extremely slow to anger, and above all, TOLERANT of other people and their beliefs. This is the teachings that they should abide by, not the unholy angry wrath in the face of adversity.

    heh... Im reminded of a statement "We Each must polish Our own Path" by Miyamoto Musashi. Its not good enough to walk it.. we must polish it.