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    Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    Evil Banks & Dreaddy 911

    Keeb has finally reached the conclusion that his bank sucks so badly that he would be better off if he just got his child support checks via postal mail and paid to get them cashed. So far in the last month, their "daily overdraft fee" has cost him over $250. Mind you, that's not the fee for woopsing on the account, that's tacked on in daily (even weekends and holidays) $7 increments for each day the account is overdrawn. Talk about double jeopardy! Even better, he's only bounced one thing. It was just around the middle of the month when we were broke, and the charge went over by less than a dollar. $280! Awful expensive overdraft charge for one measly dollar if you ask me!

    On to brighter news, a friend and her guest stopped by unannounced this evening. Seems they are doing dreadlocks tonight and were in desperate need of my help. They didn't know at the time what they needed, or how much, but that's all been rectified. *chuckle* In the process of saving some stranger's head, I made a new friend, the kids made a new friend, and she is seriously considering home schooling. Something about some relative stranger's kids spontaneously teaching your kid up two grade levels of a subject in 30 minutes "playing school" that can really push that kind of decision for a person. *chortle*

    Didn't hurt that my two were talking about how much fun home school is, and how they don't ever have to sit still and not play while goofing off with the "new kid". Seems she wants to try home schooling now too. *chuckle*

    My kids are such "home school evangelists". I wouldn't have it any other way. *smile*

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    TheRambleman said...

    You know what they say? Most times the 'example' of something is all that's needed to change a situation! :-)