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    Monday, September 03, 2007

    Happy Surprises, Rest, and More Work

    Keebler went over to the neighbor's house last evening for some fun. They had caught him outside and invited him into the party, so he called and asked if it was alright with me for him to attend. "Sure", I said, "as long as you can get these two things done for me sometime tonight". He agreed, and off to fun he went. *smile* Later in the evening, I was ready for bed and called him to invite him back home, but he was being such a goober that I left the house to retrieve him. Of course, once I was spotted, I too was trapped for some fun, and it was the wee hours of the morning before we returned to the house. But we deserved a break, and fun with friends is always welcome. *smile*

    We slept until 1pm today. *laugh* But despite the lateness of our awakening, we still managed to get quite a bit done. Washed the walls in another room, painted the grout in one of the bathrooms, cleaned and scrubbed a part of the kitchen floor, packed up several more boxes, and marked so many things off of the list, that we had to make a new list so we could see what else needed done.

    We had planned on preparing dinner for my grandmother and going to visit her as a family, but when we spoke to her she told us that she had repairmen in her house fixing her fridge (what's with those breaking lately?!) and was too nervous for more company today. It is a good thing we found that out before we started cooking! Rumor has it that we will be doing it later this week or next week when we all have a bit more free time and grandmother isn't quite so stressed and nervous. *smile* With all that's been going on, we've not been able to visit as often as we'd've liked.

    The newest neighbors caught Keeb outside about an hour ago and asked him how things were going. When he told them we were moving, they said "aaw, but you guys are cool!". They've only been here about a month, and we've only talked to them about 4 times total, but even they are sad to see us go. Of course they then invited him into their house for a tour to show him what they've done with the place, and offered him a beer. He played with their puppy for a while, visited a bit, then came on back home.

    I have a strong feeling that we'll end up coming back here many times after we move, and not just to take care of the garden and plants either. The people here are just too great. *smile* I hope this area can stay as friendly as it is now after we are no longer here to constantly encourage that atmosphere of community.

    All in all, a rather productive day, but it's getting late, and we don't plan on sleeping in on the morrow, so bedtime looms dangerously near.

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    TheRambleman said...

    Sounds like a really productive day! Glad you and Keebler got to have some fun at the neighbors. You're right you deserved a break!