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    Monday, September 03, 2007

    Sleepy and Pleased

    Hard day today now that all is said and done.

    Sold the freezer. Getting it back out of the house was an ordeal in itself.

    Ripped up a lot of the garden area's plants and repotted them (hope they survive alright) so we could get the lady's truck close enough to the back porch to load the freezer up.

    Took down most of the wall decor and plugged all of the nail-holes with plaster of paris. Looks like the place is going to need a paint job. Even washing the walls with soap and spray cleaner isn't getting it clean enough for my liking. There are marks on the walls that I can't reach, and haven't the slightest clue what they are.

    Finished cleaning the shower stall to perfection and re-caulked a lot of it.

    Took a full load of boxes (roof loading included) over to my mother's house for storage so we can take longer than the allotted three days to move into the new place that we have finally decided we will indeed move into if my needs are met regarding the property.

    Made a discovery. Ben & Jerry's ice cream now comes in little 3.5oz individual serving containers with an included spoon! Talk about serving control, it's just enough to satisfy the taste buds, but not so much that it'll ruin even the strictest diet. What a treat!

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    Evil said...

    Dont you just hate the wierd spots on walls that no one can reach. Last time we moved I found jelly on the celling. I have never had jelly go nuts, or have had to clean up a jelly on the walls mess. It was just one spot of jelly on the celling that looked more like it was placed there with care then splattered.