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    Tuesday, August 21, 2007


    Any day can be Funday, if it is spent with friends.

    Waking at 7am doesn't do much for one's disposition, but it is an important favor, and it kept my mom out of jail, so I took her to court like she asked. (she accidentally ran a stop sign a few weeks ago) It was dark and stormy, and there were several times when I had given serious consideration to bringing out my camera to grab a few shots while I waited for her to emerge from the courthouse. I went in to accompany her a few minutes later and the power went out. Lucky for her, the paperwork she needed had already been filed, and she only needed the light of my mobile phone to finish signing the papers so we could leave.

    Dropping her off at home, I popped over to the landlord's office and grabbed a couple of keys for empty houses, picked up Keebler, and ran to check out the prospective residences. Nope, and nope. So we dropped the keys back off at the office, finally told them that the fridge was broken, and dropped off at the store for goodies.

    We grabbed the kids and some breakfast, then headed straight to a birthday and unbirthday party for two of the kids' best friends. It was wonderful visiting and seeing old friends again, some of which live over an hour away. It was nice to take a break from cleaning and packing, and the swimming was fun too. *grin*

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    TheRambleman said...

    We had an awesome time visiting with you and your family too. Thanks for coming to the party! :-)