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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    No Sleep For The Wicked

    and the good can't have it either...

    No clue why I can't sleep. Probably just too much running through my mind.

    I'm giving serious consideration to calling up the park board and canceling the 3000 party and just meeting everyone in the park for a pot luck and some fun/games. I can't afford the $100 it costs to rent the park for the day, the park board doesn't want to give us the park with flush toilets, and I have more important things to spend cash on than the fun of a bunch of acquaintances and strangers. *sigh*

    My MIL is still here and giving very little real effort to finding her own place while her psychotic cat hisses when treated nicely, bites my children for no reason, brings fleas into my house, and destroys my most prized (and expensive) possessions. Ladybug has taken to sleeping on the floor in the hallway, as she can't get good sleep in her own bedroom anymore. She gets better sleep bunched up on the floor in the 3' space between the bedroom doors than she does stretched out on her bed in her own room!

    The Harry Potter book release is in less than a week, and I'm nowhere near done with my coat or Littlebit's costume. My dress is done, so that's something, but Ladybug wants to make a skirt and top set for herself before the loaned (Thanks tons!) sewing machine goes back to it's home on Friday.

    I'm in a dither over what I'm supposed to be doing on so many fronts that I'm going nutso, and it's about all I can do to get online and blog at all. I haven't checked email for 4 days, and am finally getting to it right now, but only because I can't seem to get to sleep. There are over 400 still to go, not counting the 500 or so messages in my Gather folder.

    Littlebit's birthday party is supposed to be soon, and I wanted to have it here at the house for ease of... well ease of everything really, but the neighbors thump rap and have screaming matches, complete with strings of obscenities and threats of violence, and I sure don't want that at my kid's party... Then again, there's no guarantee there won't be a problem like that at some park either, because I don't have the cash to rent a park for her birthday party... All I know is that she wants to be able to have her friends swim or get wet at her party, and we finally have the swimming puddle open for use.

    Sleep is for the weak and timid?

    What I wouldn't give for some Modafinil right now.

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