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    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Looking for a Radishal?

    Look no further than my house!

    Complete strangers came to the door yesterday, looking for info on The Radish. Seems they went looking for the store and found some folks who guided them somewhere where they found other folks who guided them to us, saying that there was a place over our direction that sure looked like people who would know about what was going on with The Radish. *laugh*

    Of course I sort of knew some things, and made a call to find out some others, then we chatted and I gave them a mini-tour. It was great meeting new friends, but an odd story of how they found us. I guess having a little permaculture yarden, clotheslines and a garden on the roof is something any Radishal would do if given the chance. *chuckle*

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