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    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Yeah, no.

    The first day of our farm stand was a success! I'd say that making a sale on the first day out with little advertising.

    I sent my computer off via UPS for repairs, I haven't been online most of the day because the other working computer in the house is a true pain in the patutie to use for any length of time at all, and everyone else has wanted a piece of the thing anyway.

    I just came in after the evening constitutional to find Keebler reading web comics like he is wont to do at the end of the evening to wind down while I write to you, and he did his usual "wifey isn't on the computer" thing and asked me if I was ready for bed. Um, no? I haven't been online all day, silly! :P

    Hopefully he'll get one of the other machines up and running so that I can use that until my machine comes back (hopefully in proper working order this time *crosses fingers*)

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