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    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    So Much to Do

    I am yet again too busy for words, and yet I have still taken on another new project. *wry smile* There is always a great reason to do just one more little thing, and that is what was presented to me a few days ago. Things are pretty much hush-hush at the moment while we get some primary things worked out, but I will likely be dropping hints for the next month or so. *smile* I promise it is worth waiting for.

    In other news, some of our good friends moved closer to us and we went swimming over at their house this evening. It was great fun and their new place is really nice. They plan to come visit us for a bit tomorrow, so that'll be fun too.

    More to do before the morrow, as we not only have the FreeBee downtown, but we also have our first day of our farm stand, and we have nearly nothing ready for that. Tomorrow shall be a day of baking, photography, and Kinkos. *chuckle*

    I seem to be having trouble remembering to blog every day, but I promise to try to remember better. I honestly don't... *ponder* Okay, I do know where my mind has been, it has been asleep from these seemingly incessant (but exciting and necessary) nocturnal planning meeting that regularly run from 7pm to 11am and similar.

    If you are looking for sun tea, authentic baklava, gooey butter cake, and naturally grown green onions and radishes, stop on by the little farm stand at the back of the Brown Derby Parking lot just north of MSU. We'll have more produce for sale as the season rolls on.

    I'll keep you posted.

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