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    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Product Review: OFF!

    Recieved some new products in the mail to try the other day, and I decided that it is wrong of me to not share my opinions here on the blog as well as elsewhere.

    Today, I'll talk about the new OFF! brand products I was sent. Now I'm sure you all know I will have nothing to do with DEET, and I'm not a fan of OFF! brand one teeny tiny bit, mainly because none of their personal bug repellants are DEET free.

    Well, they sent me their new repellant; OFF! Skintastic Family care Smooth & Dry. It is all sorts of DEETful, so of course I didn't try it. This new type is supposed to be all soft and not feel gross on your skin like "those other bug repellants". I wouldn't know, 'cause I'm against toxic chemicals on and around my family, and I refuse to even try it.

    I also recieved their new OFF! Powerpad Lamp. I had never heard of the main ingredient; "d-cis trans allethrin", so I looked it up. I had promised Faith that she could have it if my research returned negative findings. Needless to say, this lovely chemical is also horribly toxic, and I won't allow that around my family either. Off is right, off it goes to it's new home!

    This web site says it short and sweet;

    "D-cis/trans allethrin: eye and skin irritant. Can cause sudden swelling of face, eyelids, lips, mouth , and throat tissues, as well as hay fever-like symptoms. Neurotoxic. Use in some pet flea-control products.

    deet: Eye and skin irritant. Sensitizer Neurotoxic. Readily absorbed into skin. Used in mosquito and insect repellents, as well as pet flea-control products."

    Reminder: I am a Buzzagent. I get products for free in order to try them and tell others what I think of them. Most things I get from Buzzagent, I just love, but this crud? I'm sure it works great for it's intended purpose, sure... This crud is just... eew!


    Irish Mike said...

    Gotta remember, those exact same symptoms (eye and skin irritant; causing sudden swelling of the face, eyelids, lips, mouth, and throat; and hay fever-like symptoms) aren't necessarily that bad.

    Remember: ragweed causes the same symptoms in hundreds of thousands of people every year. Also, being stung by a bee causes more severe versions in quite a lot of people. And burning a brush pile with poison ivy in it can cause all the same symptoms plus some, from breathing the oils carried in the smoke.

    DEET is toxic, yes. It can do bad things to you when used regularly and/or in large amounts. However, the same can apply to water, if you're going to use worst-case scenarios, and you're much less likely to be thinking about being careful with water than you are with a chemical.

    Recommendations: use bug repellants with a low level of DEET. Each spray will give a percentage of DEET in it. Given that I usually only use them in extreme cases, I have a bottle with a very high percentage, but most common bug sprays have percentages on the order of 10-15%. You may also prefer to spray on clothing, rather than directly onto the skin, instead (do test for color-fastness... while I've not run across anything that it has damaged, some people give a shit about this). Remember to apply it strategically instead of just dousing yourself in it, too.

    The Officially Married Irish Mike.

    Pinks & Blues Girls said...

    Thanks for the honest feedback!
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

    Whimspiration said...

    Mike, you are right. Many of the reactions listed for these neurotoxins are similar to natural effects of being accidentally exposed to something while outdoors, however, people with those sensitivities aren't purposely exposing themselves to them, they actively avoid them.

    What we are talking about here are deadly products that people choose to apply to their bodies, air, and enviornment.

    When catnip oil works better than DEET at repelling mosquitoes in clinical studies, and lemon eucalyptus works almost as well and is available in nationwide mass retailers, I wonder why people continue to choose to poision themselves. *bobble*

    Yes, people generally overuse their personal care products, ands sparing use is safer by far. Your suggestions for how to avoid excessive exposure are sound, but why expose oneself at all?

    DEET has killed, very strong and healthy people, nearly instantly. The chemical in the Powerpad Lantern is only in two other consumer products to my knowlege at this time, and the concentration of it in the other two products is less than 2%, while the percentage in the lantern's little scent pad is over 20%. It horrifies me.

    SO WHEN DID THIS WEDDING HAPPEN!?!? *sigh* Nobody tells me anything when I'm busy. Congrats! *grin*

    Whimspiration said...

    Pinks & Blues Girls, I am nothing if not honest. When i get a product to review, I review it. Good or bad my opinion may be, but if a company asks for a review from me, they can count on complete truthfulness.

    Thanks for stopping by!