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    Saturday, May 05, 2007


    Woke up 8am, couldn't get back to sleep. Ate leftovers for breakfast. Worked tush off on the computer trying to get things done before the household awoke. Rearranged plantlings in garden area. Took kids homeschool bowling. Mother dropped by twice, trying to milk money out of me that I don't have for purchases I didn't approve. (I did approve one thing (an easel for the girls) and we are all very happy about that). Visited with Andrea who stopped by to retrieve the homeschool boxes so she can round-about them to another group next. Rode bike loaded with supplies to Artsfest, consulted and helped plan the setup of the booth that is hosting the Freecycle(tm) signs. They are too kind. Went back home to discover that keeb's mother had decided to wash all of the dishes because she would rather do the work herself than listen to Ladybug argue and try to avoid the task. Tried to work on the computer some more while the TV blared less than 10 feet away, causing me to be so danged distracted that I took 3 hours to write that many emails. Went dumpster diving in a pre-approved (by the property owner), and got some fun little things and some wormy/bait buckets. I don't remember a lot of the day's details. My brain is like mush and I hurt all over, but day is done, and I have more to complete on the morrow. Nightey night!

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