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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    Good Reason

    I have good reasons for not blogging the last few days. *wink*

    It is planting time.

    We are rearranging the house.

    Spring cleaning & sorting.

    I had to go pick up more kiddie pools for the roof from out of town.

    We needed to get a new spare tire.

    The car is giving serious thought to committing sepuku.

    It is the first of the month, our bills are due, and there are a million errands to run.

    The crowning glory of excuses: Keebler's mom just moved to town on a Greyhound bus with nothing but the clothes on her back, a cooler and a bag of memories, and will be staying with us until she finds a place of her own. Even better: We found out it was going to happen the day before she arrived!


    lovelife said...

    and what else could happen to you all. you are such good people to help others out. good luck.

    Summer said...

    Wow! Nothing like last minute family to keep youbusy. LOL