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    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    Anxiety Attack

    Wow, after the last week, who woulda thunk?

    I woke up this morning with severe pain in my neck, back, and left arm, and a slight difficulty breathing. I honestly thought I might have been having a heart attack. So I took some aspirin and my vitamins and laid down for a while. This of course made me extremely late (as in several hours) for the opening of Artsfest, which resulted in the booth to be set up in a way that was not optimal for the viewing of their informational display and literature because I wasn't there to help. I will be there bright and early Sunday morning to set up and take care of things properly however, even if I am having a real heart attack. It's just not fair to them otherwise.

    The kids hand-tilled the yarden the other day gently rescuing each and every worm, Keebler laid the stepping stones for the yarden paths, I planted even more seeds, and started others to soaking for a quicker sprout. Decorative fencing for the rooftop garden has been purchased, new planters have been sprayed white, and we have acquired even more lovely containers to put on the roof from IA.

    I finally figured out what was wrong with my trying to set up the website, rectified the error in my thinking, and have located all of the necessary modification files to enable me (or Keebler, to be more accurate, as I have no time for it right now) to create what I truly desire, at least in functionality. Some day I will have beauty as well, but for now, I will happily tolerate the darned thing simply working the way I want it to. If only coding a website were as easy as making a fancy business card. *wistful sigh*

    As usual, there are all sorts of cool things that I have not blogged about yet, and I am forcing you to wait in suspense. I know it is bad of me, but I simply don't have the time for it all right now.

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    lovelife said...

    hi you need to just take a week of and rest and have fun. if only life was that easy.
    love you. O no pups yet but she is so big.