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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Too Pooped To Pop

    Ran ragged (4 hours) all over town today doing the first-of-the-month paycheck shuffle. The bills are paid and we have enough cleaning supplies and vitamins to last the month now, but I'm pretty much tapped for cash. Such is life. *smile* At least the important things are taken care of.

    The kids were argumentative, annoying, disobedient fiends nearly all day. I am tempted to think that they are both sneaking candy with how foul they've been these last two days. Luckily, my kids are good in general, so foul for them is minding the rules in stores about touching things, but not staying within arms reach at all times, so though it was frustrating, it wasn't really bad. Littlebit has been obsessed with death again. I'm not sure how to get her over this hurdle she has in her life, but we're getting there as best we can. Just stumbling through.

    When we got home, we had some dinner (leftover roast in a food processor makes a great low-fat hamburger substitute), watered the seedlings, I worked on some exceedingly late blog posts for future sharing, we had story time and now it is far past time for bed.

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