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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    The Little Things

    This year's first seasonal "extra" is a homemade screen door to keep out the bugs, but still allow us the glory of an open door on the nicer days.

    Here's how I did it; First you go buy some fabric mesh or plastic screening. About 4 yards would work for any width of screen or fabric. Cut your screen so it is about 1 foot wider and longer than your door. Nail the screen to the tippy-top of your door frame, overlapping by about 8 inches in the center. Then nail the screen to the sides of the frame at the top for about 2 foot down the sides. To keep it weighted down in a storm or high winds, sew or pin fishing weights to the bottom of the screen. Tada!!!

    Of course, we couldn't let it just sit there looking drab and unexciting, so we decided to decorate.
    And the matching back screen door was, of course a necessity.
    Then we had to decorate other places in the yarden to tie it all together.
    Note the clothespins on the bottom of the screen. Of course I have yet to sew the lead fishing weights on, but that will happen as soon as I have another spare moment. It's the little things that make life great.

    We're welcoming spring with all our might, despite the coming cold.


    Faith said...

    Another wonderful thought!
    I am going to make 'Welcome Spring with all your might' a siggy line.
    I love your decorations!
    Thanks for sharing your door idea.
    hmmm, wonder if that would work for our patio door? The screen door fell off and dh hasn't fixed it in years.

    Mama Chaos said...

    Oh how cool! I love that idea, especially with the spring time decorations. :)