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    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    No News

    Is not necessarily good news. Several things didn't happen today that I had planned on happening, all of which I had no control over, but can drastically affect our lives. People were supposed to call me when the desired activities were complete, and I think they spaced their responsibilities. Tomorrow, I get proactive, and start taking some things into my own hands.

    On the other hand, nearly all of the things that we had planned for sure that we did have control over did happen, and all is well there. The new seedlings outside are covered and lying in wait for the possible coming snow. Now all we need is to get the yarden cleaned up in such a way that the wind can't turn it back into apparent squalor in 3 minutes or less. *smirk*

    Now if I can just get Littlebit to stop sneaking candy again...

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