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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Giggles Via Email

    Today must be the day to send me giggles via email. Now I don't forward things, but this is hilarious, and I swear yu will want to share it with someone else...

    Go to Google, click "maps", then click "get directions".

    Here's where the fun starts; in the "from" field, type "New York", and in the "to" field, type "London".

    Click the "get directions" button.

    Look at step #23

    Snicker and giggle until someone wonders what is wrong with you and then share the crack. *grin*

    Sharing giggles makes the world a happier place.

    Thanks Faith! *hug*

    1 comment:

    Andrea said...

    LOL! That is great. And I really needed a laugh tonight.