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    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Superb Beginnings

    The short and sweet of it is that today was really good.

    I delivered some paperwork, we bought some things for the house, I'm going to have to get some money from the ATM so I can pay for my new heirloom tomato pants that are arriving shortly, the seedlings survived the cold snap nicely, Littlebit's new early-reader books arrived in the mail, we missed the HS D&D day, but had to to get everything else done (I'm sure they'll understand), discovered that everyone else in the area is also lacking red worms because of the cold, I planted some more seeds in starter pots, Keebler got a job offer for nice seasonal work, and the girls went to (and thoroughly enjoyed) their first class of the free kid's acting class at MSU.

    We looked at the land and are going to work on it once a week for the next few months until we have the main trailer ready to pass inspection, then in the fall after harvest, we plan to move on out there permanently. Hopefully we will have at least one motorcycle by then so I can get Ladybug back and forth to her many classes less expensively than I could with a car (3-5 times a week, from an hour away!). It is darned near perfect in every way, including remote location. Only things that could make it better would be more of it, and the trailers in a bit better shape. But with over 300 surrounding (and quite neglected) acres around the property, even if the owners decide not to sell it to us after we start making good cash off of the land as we have planned, I'm sure we could manage planting some dandelions and other wildflowers and greenery as well as letting the kids wander around there from time to time once they get used to the safety precautions necessary for living in the "wild". *grin*

    Great day overall, if I must say so myself, and indeed I must. :D

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    TheRambleman said...

    So glad to hear you had a good day :-)