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    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Decision Time

    There comes a time in every blogger's life, when people they had not planned on find their blog, or might soon find it due to some circumstance or another.

    While blogging is a public sharing of honesty and truth, sometimes I feel the need to edit something or reword a thing in order to not possibly hurt feelings, even when everything is anonymous, but then comes the question; "When does blogging change from honest storytelling into couched pandering to people you might accidentally offend?

    Is it right to modify a style or the level of honesty because you could hurt feelings?

    Is it a different thing entirely if relationships could be ruined by the truth of how you feel about a subject or five if you posted t your blog about them?

    Every blogger had their lines they draw int he sand for themselves, and I am at a turning point. Do I continue to near-blatantly honest about my life and the doings of family and business, or do I change who I am on the blogosphere? Do I betray all of my readers for the sake of a small (albeit important) few?

    Being a polite and taciturn person, I am torn between honesty and kindness.

    Where is this line? What would you do in my position? Why?


    Anonymous said...

    blog what you think and feel, should those that read it be important to you they should respect what you write and feel, maybe even see it as a way into your head that maybe you can not express to them in verbal form. If it hurts them then maybe they do not understand that a blog is a way to get to know the true you better and a way for you to vent your feelings in a healthy way. Always be true and honest to yourself and your readers.

    lovelife said...

    I love you for who you are now not who othere wish you were.

    Heather said...

    I have felt the same way!!! I just choose my stories carefully. I believe honesty can be done tactfully.

    Swrdsong said...

    The area that contains what we exhist in. Such a simple definition at first. Our worlds are completely different than others peoples. My world is different than my daughters, or my sons. Of course they are only 6, however, they have a different world than mine.

    My world interracts with theirs upon a daily basis. Decisions I make for my world, affect theirs, even if only in a nebulous manner.

    Consider, in your world, if you are not true to yourself, then who's world is it? If it is your world, and you are not true to yourself, then perhaps it is not TRULY your world?

    People have come to expect that your world is honest, sometimes to a fault. I have come to accept this. When we say things that is irritating, you have told me, sometimes it took a while for it to come out, but your underlying nature of honesty and truthfulness somehow wins.

    Would you honestly be fulfilled as a human person to change the truth? Would you honestly be satisfied with the knowledge that you did not present the truth in the correct light? My experience with you is "no" you would not be satisfied.

    This does not mean that you have to present the truth in every situation. Sometimes, the better part of tact is to not speak of the subject at all. In this manner, in the blog-o-sphere (sounds like a prize from a cereal that way) its not a topic, and thus, not changing truth. It thus becomes something that only is part of your world, not the blog-world.

    Andrea said...

    This is exactly why I do not have a blog at all.

    TheRambleman said...

    I think you should keep telling the truth, but perhaps if you feel someone who you wish not to upset might be upset by something in particular, just don't write about the particular subject. It's up to the reader to be offended or not, not the writer who should be guessing whether or not it'll be offensive.

    Whimspiration said...

    Thank you all for your kind and honest words. You are right, honesty is still, and always will be, the best policy.

    There are those who may be offended or hurt by the truth in my heart, but some things cannot and will not remain unspoken, thus I hope for their sakes that they realize that my words are not there for their discomfort, but are rather there to fulfill my need to share myself and my life with others.

    Elyssium Earth said...

    Maybe don't post it if you couldn't say it directly to their faces and make an anonymous outlet for nasty stuff. It is the net after all and people are gonna read it. No sense upsetting someone unless you need to??