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    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Working, Working, Working, Wop

    Rearranged the bunny barn a bit.

    Found three live mice happily trapped in the old rabbit food container (with some food, hence the happiness).

    Had a small mishap with a job.

    The happiness I bought with my gift certificates came in, and now I think my PlayStation is finally giving up the ghost. Figures. *sigh*

    Set the appointment for my housing inspection for this Thursday.

    Cleaned the house.

    Received a new plant in the mail from a friend at my organic homesteading group and repotted it.

    Bought some galvanized steel trash cans and 200 pounds of rabbit feed to put in them at the farm supply store. That ought to keep the mice out of the feed.

    Went to apply for replacement food stamps due to the storm, and found out that since I didn't loose my power, the 2 years of careful planning and putting food back that would take about $2000 to replace all at once at full price (instead of the great deals I purchased them for) that I fed to my guests will have not even the measly $128 they could provide to jump start the rebuilding. *sigh* Damn me for being honest and kind. Generosity never pays.

    I received my electric bill this month, and it is nearly twice what last month's bill was, just like I had predicted. Here's hoping Vision Con's profits help to take care of that.

    Speaking of Vision con, the product ingredients have finally started to arrive, so I have to get on the ball with creating, packaging, and making labels so that we will even have product by then. A little over a week away.

    The panic has not even begun to set in. There is so much more work to do, and so much I haven't even started. We try to get the car fixed again tomorrow...

    Wish me luck!


    lovelife said...

    sounds like you are all going to be busy the next few days.

    Heather said...

    Wow, that is so sucky about the food situation. It would be nice if those friends could help out, but I guess they probably lost all of their food and need to replace their own. Granted, if they did lose power (they did) and get help, maybe they will help you out in return!

    sugar4mybabies said...

    Hi, you have a very interesting blog. It sounds as though you've been a wonderful host to some needy friends. God will bless you for that my friend. You seem humbled by the whole ordeal, and very honest. I do hope everything shines brightly for you in a good way. Thanks!!

    TheRambleman said...

    Hope everything works out for you. *hugs*