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    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    What Is Your Quest?

    Three separate, but equally trying quests were embarked upon this fine day. The quest for a replacement gaming system, the quest for continued governmental rental assistance, and the quest for a running car.

    I am pleased to report that not one, but two replacement gaming systems have come to our home for less than what we had intended to pay for only one newer type. We will have to make do with the same type we had before (but a much cuter model). We also purchased some exceedingly inexpensive new-to-us games buy-one-get-one-free. Wheee!

    The car is currently residing at my mechanic's house so that he can better repair it at his leisure. We have located the problems and it should cost only about $25 more to complete the repairs. The work should be finished by Monday barring any unforeseen delays. Yippee!

    Last but not least, the house passed inspection quickly and easily, and we will be able to continue to live here with our assistance for another year. Woohoo!

    Mother sidetracked us to the big box store of wallet emptying doom on the way home, and I finally purchased a new pair of footwear to replace the holier-than-thou shoes of water entrance I was previously wearing. I even splurged (a teeny tiny bit, I assure you) and bought myself some arch supports. My feet feel so much better now. *grin*

    I also received my letter of denial for the replacement food stamps in the mail, just to make that final, but on the morrow I shall embark on yet another quest to obtain food and some new clothes for the family at some of the area assistance places.

    Now to make the house into an ungodly masacree in the rabid last-minute preparations for Vision Con. This year we are going to web cast the entire thing live!


    Andrea said...

    What is my quest?

    Get the city, CU, and my uncle all on the same page so I can get my weather pole thingie fixed. I need them to all show up on the same day.

    Get someone to actually show up to clean up the yard debris.

    Get a roofer to actually show up.

    Get the sofa I am purchasing to actually show up since I've already gotten rid of the old one and we're all sitting on the floor.

    My quest is simple. Sit here and wait for people to show up. It's getting boring.

    Whimspiration said...

    Oh my poor you. Waiting is a drag!

    TheRambleman said...

    Glad to hear you're getting everything done. Congrats on passing the inspection!

    My quest is to get all the fallen limbs cut and put into the wood shed to dry :-)