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    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    Seven: Action Alert

    A pretty good authority has informed me that FEMA is considering giving assistance to individuals once/if they find out the need is great enough. Want to help them find the need for assistance? Call them. No matter how little or how much you have been effected, if you live in Missouri, call them to make sure they know! The Missouri number is: 1-888-377-2100. Be ready to answer questions like are there any elderly in your neighborhood, how many people are in your home and of what ages, what problems have you encountered during or due to this storm and the outages, do you feel unsafe where you are, and to provide your name and address. (I am calling them to tell how many I am housing due to outages, our circumstances, and that thing about the druggie guy coming to our door for example). There is talk of FEMA helping individuals with cleanup and possibly some costs IF they decide to help individuals. Let's get this ball rolling!

    I have also recieved notice that local YMCA locations are allowing people to take free hot showers. If you need a hot shower (or could just use a tad of hot, relaxing water), go to the YMCA.


    Today has been eventful, in a good way. I had a small fit, a medical problem was diagnosed and is on it's happy way to curedom, and some things that had been irritating me have been aired so life is getting better!

    A friend who will not be recovering power for some time (according to all questioned personell) has purchased a generator and is doing fine. Another friend has not been heard from in three days, so we are planning on a check-in trip as soon as I can get the car started. Everyone else is doing as they can, and my church has been approved as a FEMA warming shelter!

    I didn't cook today (made a LOT yesterday to give myself a break today), and tomorrow we have spaghetti. Maybe I'll even learn how to make a bagel from scratch? The world may never know, but we do have cream cheese! *grin*

    On an electricity check today, housemates saw the tree crew on their street! Woohoo!

    I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am so lucky to have such understanding friends to help me through these tough times. Thank you.


    TheRambleman said...

    "A pretty good authority has informed me that FEMA is considering giving assistance to individuals once/if they find out the need is great enough."

    The thing I'd be worried about when considering whether or not to take the money, is if you'll be able to pay it back when they ask for payment to be rendered in 30 days, eventually, like they're doing to the Katrina victims.

    Panda said...

    I just had to say that when we found out we were getting power back I was totaly bumed.
    I had so much fun.

    We had a house full of people because everyone we knew was out of power. We were to but we have a fire place so our house was warm.

    We had to get very creative with dinner. Next time we decited to pull the BBQ grill in the garage open the garage door and grill.

    We were gone all the time. We hung out at Next Generation (my fave Place) a few times. Walked walmart, made random trips to random places for no reason other then "the car is warmer"

    Everyone cuddled with someone every night to keep warm.

    For me the ice storm was great, it brought people together, and I got to live for well over a week with no TV. For not being prapared at all I think we did great.

    Whimspiration said...

    Panda, it sounds like the ice storm was a very nice time for you, all considered.

    Thanks for dropping by!