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    Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    Pressure Release

    A traffic officer guides the vehicles at an inoperable light on a busy intersection.

    The housemates went on a supply run today (taking the children with them!, Oh the joy!) and brought back some lovelies from the store up the street that is running on generator power to make life a bit easier. (bread, peanut butter, etc) Then, a housemate took some others of us on a store run to grab some other supplies (aluminum foil to "black out" the windows, fabric to do the same to the bunny barn, so people can't tell anyone is home or that we have power) and let another housemate cash his check from work and go shopping.

    There were some interesting folks at the store, including a friend I hadn't seen in a while and a gaggle of teenage girls who seemed to be gwetting the buggest kick out of saying every curse word possible. (Methinks the mall is closed, and they had nowhere else to "hang out")

    I think having random folks out of the house for a bit really released the pressure that had been building up previously, as this evening there was much laughter and joy. Getting out of the house from time to time is a really good thing. Going to have to integrate that into the daily routine. Mayhaps I'll take walks again once the temp gets above 0?

    Things are much better today. *smile* We again have enough food, a schedule is setting itself up for computer usage between the housemates, the weather is supposed to be warming somewhat soon, someone saw utility repair folks near their home, and regular reports are coming in for those loved and dear ones who are not staying here full time.

    I have high hopes for the near future.

    All is well.

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    Heather said...

    Sounds ecouraging!!