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    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    Day 3

    Nature's tree trimming service has visited the city big time and things are down everywhere. Thankfully, we have been declared a national disaster area, so the national guard started arriving at 10am today to help with the clean up and recovery.

    We still haven't lost power, so we might be good for the long haul. People total in the house is up to 9, possibly to increase again tomorrow. Good thing we have the amazing transforming house! *wink*

    Driving around lastnight was very odd. Lights on and off alternately from street to street and building to building at random. It makes your depth perception and visual differentiation all wierd. Steering around downed limbs with no light is creepy for a city-dweller. I took a video (shaky) of it all tonight at dusk when retrieving my mother from my grandmother's house. (Grandmother is in a nice warm place with backup generators)

    Someone else in town uploaded a video yesterday.

    [where: 1223 east cherry, springfield, Mo 65802]


    The Maven said...

    Wow... That reminds me so much of the ice storm up here in 1997. We only had Intrepid at the time and he was about a year old. We had to stay with friends, who were the only ones I knew who still had power. Crazy.

    Hope things get better instead of worse. It's so surreal to have soldiers all over the city, isn't it?

    Best of luck!

    Whimspiration said...

    I haven't seen a single one of the soldiers. I really doubt I will. The car wouldn't start today.