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    Monday, January 15, 2007


    Those are going to take a while to dry. *wink*

    Stayed home all day today. I cooked a lot, and offered shower space to those who didn't have hot water and needed to get to work. Nobody has taken me up on the offer yet.

    The kids went out and played in the tiny bit of snow we got while the moms dragged the digital cameras out for a bit of frozen photography. (we were frozen too *chuckle*)

    We ran out of bread and were going to bake some, when the fellows returned home from an electric check with two loaves. That'll last us another couple of days or so, but I was looking forward to baking, and now have no reason for it. *wry smile* Ah well. *shrug*

    I haven't seen any national guardsmen in the area, but I also haven't seen the mailman. It sure would be nice to get some mail. Might actually relieve some of the boredom around here. A friend says she heard on the radio that it might be another three weeks before Springfield is back up to functionality in any large degree.

    Things are getting a bit monotonous. I live on the computer and the telephone.

    Things are returning to normal a bit around town now that some electric is slowly coming back on in places, but all I want to do is sleep. I am so very tired. Can't concentrate on much besides simple manual or kitchen-type labor. I had a Small breakdown today because I really wanted a nap, and my greedy self-serving mother stole my bedroom. I had not only no place to nap, but also no place to escape from the rambunctious children. I took a hot shower instead, and finished reading my email.

    Everyone is a bit on edge. I need my peace and quiet, the kids are loud. The friends require entertainment and sound, but I refuse to have the TV on. They're reading a lot. My mother is either talking, eating, or sleeping, being in the way as much as possible during all of the above activities. (for example: taking my bed)

    Keeb and B built the wagon today, but we still can't use it until we air up the tires, so now we have a giant red wagon in the middle of the living room. That may come in handy a bit later. Woohoo for giant red wagons!

    A place where I work has issued a warning for me not completing my work by the deadlines, but I couldn't do the work because of the storm. I can only hope they understand.

    We're going to have the kids do some arts and crafts (making valentine's cards) a bit later if I'm still awake.

    We are warm, safe, and very well fed. All of our friends and family we can get into contact with is safe and sound. As hard as this may be, we couldn't ask for anything more. *smile*

    Thank you all for the prayers and support. All those positive thoughts are keeping our hearts warm with love. *hug*

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