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    Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Stripped Bare

    There are a lot of power lines down wherever you go. Ice chunks that have fallen off of cars and off of trees litter the streets making it somewhat dangerous to drive.

    All of the stores are stripped bare. From milk and bread to diapers and candles, there is hardly anything left. The camping goods stores are out of cookstoves and fuel, but the jerky, gorp, uncooked edibles and snack goodies sit neglected on the shelves of every shopping outlet. While they bundled up to go out on the town, I saw nary a person or family with a set of thermal underwear in their cart. I find it amazing what some people consider "prepared". The stores that still have power are mostly closed because they are sold out of what people want, and not enough folks are out shopping to justify the staffing cost to stay open.

    Can't get a hold of some people, but I'm sure they're safe, as both "missing" families are well prepared.

    We had scheduled for several families to stay warm, fed, and safe here at our place, but most of them found other places to be after a short while, leaving behind a small rabbit, and an easier-to-handle total of only eight people.

    We are predicted to have two more runs of ice storm. The utility company already has some blocks / buildings coming back online. Here's hoping we keep faring well, and the response time remains relatively short.

    [where: 1223 east cherry, springfield missouri 65802]

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    Heather said...

    MY GOODNESS! Hang in there and keep us posted!