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    Monday, December 11, 2006

    Enraged and Hurt

    Well, I WAS anyway, now I just pity the moron. (warning, several foul words)

    Amongst working, trying to connect my cell-phone to my computer to retrieve the pictures, washing and hanging several loads of laundry, working on the website, and rearranging the closets, I spent my break times composing a comment to a blog post I read in the morning yesterday. I take really short breaks (3 minutes every hour or so), so it took me 4 hours (about 12 minutes total, which is a lot of time for me to spend on a comment) worth of my valuable break time to properly write my important message to another blogger...

    I could have been doing something more amusing, relaxing, or rewarding on my breaks, but I chose to give this person the gift of my valuable time instead.

    The message was long, heartfelt, polite, insightful, and addressed many of the issues that both she and the other commenters had brought up. I edited and re-edited it to make sure my words couldn't be misconstrued as some sort of accusation or attack. I was the utmost in calm reason. And she deleted my post. Before I had a chance to copy it to save for later, before I could post it here and link back to her blog like I had intended to to give her more traffic (traffic is good, right?), before I could anything, she deleted that which I had given her the honor of my time and talent with.

    And she spit in my face.

    I can't say for sure if it was a simple "I don't like long comments" or if it had something to do with the fact that she admits to hating all unschoolers, but that was just plain rude. Hells, maybe it was that I didn't agree with her viewpoints and that the only "discussion comments" she allows to stay on her blog are the ones that she can respond to and not look bad. Might be that she couldn't let anyone say she was wrong and still sound intelligent and well-spoken without damaging her little ego.

    For someone who's tag line is a plea to be rescued from "plastic people", she sure is a cold poly acrylic bitch herself. I mean seriously, to hate an entire group of people just because they are different, and then ask for protection from the mindless societal drones? Seems like some serious psychotic hypocrisy to me.

    I emailed her after I wrote the majority of this post, asking for my comment to be forwarded to me from her email's trash bin. I waited for over 24 hours to post. I think she's had plenty chance to redeem her sorry ass.

    No, I won't link to the blog, she doesn't deserve the extra traffic. I was told by a helpful reader of her blog, however, that despite no mention whatsoever of the fact, it was supposed to be a humor blog. How odd that that wasn't mentioned on the main front page, the bio, the profile, or any other page of that site. Thankfully though, now I know and won't have to waste my time reading her poor, insulting, and blasphemous attempt at being funny anymore.

    So I was upset for someone real being rude, but now I know better. It was a failed comedienne trying to preserve the "humor" of her comments. I guess I was to serious for her. If she doesn't want people to respond with serious comments, maybe she should mention that she's trying to be funny though. I know I wouldn't have spent so much of my precious time on that amazing, but now lost forever post if I'd've known that her "blog" was really just a sad little attempt at comedy.


    Heather said...

    Sorry that happened. :(

    TheRambleman said...

    Hmph! Some bloggers! :-( Wish you didn't have to deal with people like that. *HUGS*