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    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Friends & Freebies

    We did get to see our friends today! *cheer* It was great. We chatted, visited, played together, and ate fast food. Okay, well it was great for the most part anyway. *chuckle* We had a ton of fun visiting, and are going to have to do it again really soon. *smile* Friends Rambleman and T.A.N.A. had left deliveries for me over at our new friends' house when they visited yesterday, so we got those as well. What a surprise!

    We spent WAY more on everything today than we had planned, but we just couldn't help it for all of the great deals at the craft store. *grin* We visited for so long once we got back to the house, that we ran ourselves late for tonight's game. No worries, however, as it was worth every minute.

    Despite a couple of little ones who needed a nap and Littlebit nearly forgetting to help clean up a mess she had helped make in our hosts home, the game was enjoyable. I had some amusement drawing random things on my travel whiteboard with my new full rainbow set of dry erase markers during the game too.

    Since we met our friends at a craft store, I've decided to share this neat creative freebie.

    Wild Things! is a fully functional FREE and fun program for drafting and printing patterns for hats, bags, wraps, and footwear. It's easy to use and even has embroidery design planning tools to aid you increating unique accessories for yourself and others. You can specify the dimensions for each item to draft accessories for your needs. Wild Things! comes complete with a Help file to aid you in using the new tools as well as sewing instructions for each and every style that drafts in the program. If you are planning to make some of your Christmas gifts this year, this program could be a big help.

    Enjoy! I haven't had time to check it our yet, but I'd love to hear what you think.



    lovelife said...

    Hi I tryed the program but it gives me and error every time i try. So guess I cant use it lol
    talk soon I hope.

    TheRambleman said...

    Glad you had a good time visiting with your friends :-)