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    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Action Alert: VOTE!

    Tomorrow is Election Day! We have the opportunity to make a difference all across the country.

    I don't care how you vote , what your beliefs are, or who you vote for or against, I just want to make sure you exercise your rights. Remember, if you don't use them, they will disssappear.

    I will be providing rides to the polls for those who cannot make it by themselves this year. It's not something that takes a lot of time or effort, and it helps out a lot.

    Get out and vote! And if you have any extra time at all, get out and help some others do the same!



    Heather said...

    Aww. That's sweet you are going to help others that can't get there on their own!

    lovelife said...

    cool that you are doing the ride stuff. storm voted sat because he is out of town and i go in the am.
    Keep up the cool stuff you do.

    Benn said...

    I am horribly sorry that I helped a Bushie register to vote. She's not voting today. She says she doesn't know who any of the candidates are. Um, Hillary Clinton is running for re-election here. Even if you don't like her, you certainly should know who she is, don't you think?

    But I agree.....everyone should vote. I'll just keep my contempt for HOW some people vote to myself. :o>

    Sandra E. said...

    love your sign. Now if we can just make most Americans realize that there are responsibilities that come along with citizenship in this great nation.

    We are not the bad guys and not the cause of the problems in the world.

    Here's to you from another proud American

    Mary C.L. said...

    nice sign--very elegant, but unfortunately most people will not get the message

    Robert D. said...

    The sign says a lot about you. Maybe those who don't vote, especially at mid-term, will think twice about their responsibilty to show up at the polls.

    Leah C. said...

    I love that sign!! I'm sure it applies in Canada too. I'm going to steal that!

    Whimspiration said...

    Oh yes, please do steal it and use it! *smile* I got my copy from a local infoshop. I even have a copy for when my current one (up year round btw) finally completly falls apart. *chuckle*

    Walker said...

    I wish I'd have seen that a couple of weeks ago...definitely would have gone in the yard.

    D. Raabe said...

    I love it, too. Thanks!

    P.S. Senator Obama would be proud!

    leah C. said...


    Snag it now and save it for the 2008 election, or for State and Municipal elections.

    Tom Hoover said...

    Great message.........now, if we can just live up to it!!
    Responsiblilty.........that is

    Bud said...

    That sign just looks like a bag of popcorn from a circus,is that the idea of this picture or am i just picturing what politicians have made of our Governmnet,Nice picture tho.