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    Saturday, September 30, 2006

    Downtown Reviews: The Moxie Theater

    I started writing this review a couple of months ago, and just couldn't put into words how amazed and pleased I was by my experience. As you can tell by the rest of this, I am still unable to do the Moxie proper justice with my simple words, but I cannot delay any longer. My sad lack of prose is nothing compared to my need to share this wonderful place with you.

    The Moxie is a family-owned theater showing independent films and other movies you won't see in the local mainstream theaters. The very personal & friendly workers are the owners, and they are happy to see you and share a movie. Showing only one movie at a time, it is never too crowded, and their fine choice of select micro brewed beers is something you will not find anywhere else in town, including the finer pubs in the area.

    Before each film begins, the owner comes onto the small stage in front of the screen to welcome you, tell about upcoming features, and share a bit of interesting information about the movie you are about to watch.

    The Moxie supports the community by allowing only local businesses to advertise on their screens before the movies and during the intermissions. The pricing for advertising is relatively inexpensive, making it highly affordable, even for small businesspeople. Funny ads and silliness fill in whatever spaces there are between the ads before the main feature, and an intermission happens half way through the film, so that they can switch reels while you get a beverage and have a bathroom break in either of their gender-neutral bathrooms. If you don't have to use the restroom, be sure to take a peek at the reel-changing. It's a sight you won't get anywhere else.

    There is always more to the Moxie, like their community bulletin board in the front of the theater, their full selection of popcorn flavorings, and their gallery entrance hallway featuring local artists.

    As the only local theater that takes movie suggestions from the customers and sells fine beers, the Moxie is the best place to watch a film in Springfield.

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    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    This place looks totally amazing! How cool that they let you watch them changing the reels. I'd go just for that!

    Now I need to find someplace similar in my area... I know there are indy film places, but probably not as cool as yours!