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    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Frozen Eggs & A Little Link Love

    Look! A frozen egg!

    I took a nap today, got some new rabbit cages, cleaned the rat cages, and sat around feeling somewhat cruddy. (I'm getting better!). Other than that, nothing much happened today.

    I received a call tonight from an aquaintence who sells Ameriplan(R) health insurance. She works from home selling this great plan that covers health, dental, prescription, chiropractic, and vision care. I have to mention here that I get nothing for mentioning her or the product she sells except for knowing I might be helping you get more affordable health care.

    For the full package, it would cost my family less than $60 a month for all four of us, or it would cost us less than $20 for dental coverage only(again, for all four of us). Considering that not only can anyone get this coverage (as far as I know), but that is it so inexpensive as well, it's a marvelous deal. She also told me today that if people CALL her (phone number below) to set up their plan by tomorrow before 3pm, that she can waive the $30 setup fee for them as well. Now, I'm sure that every city is different as per how many doctors and such accept the plan, but here in Springfield, there is a pretty good selection. I can only assume that other towns would be similar in coverage (per dr ratio in said town and all that jazz of course).

    To check out what the plan can offer you, visit her website at any time by clicking this link: http://www.onesimplecard.com/direct.php?id=B2991342&password=sky8 (her son is adorable) Once you are on the site, you can look around and can get a list oflocal providers in your area. You can also quickly and easily enroll in our service straight from the website, but she won't be able to waive the enrollment fee if you do it that way. She can only do that if you call her tomorrow before 3pm.

    In addition, please click on the button in the lower left of the page where you can watch the video titled "AmeriPlan® featured on AmericanMedical Review..." Once you have watched it ask yourself...Does this make sense? Who do I know that could save money using these benefits? If you want to get started or have any more questions, please contact her right away. She is really friendly and helpful.

    Rochelle Clark

    just as soon as things settle down a bit more and Littlebit gets to feeling better(she has a stuffy head), we'll get back to our regularly scheduled overposting. *smile*

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