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    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    And A Possum On The Porch

    I created "Hushyou" with a marker on a crumpled piece of scrap paper I found on the floor in a moment of desperation as, for some strange reason, my eyesight began to steadily degrade.

    This week's theme is terribly appropriate for our household, as Littlebit refuses to stop making little noises constantly, and last week during the how to bonanza, I fell in love with a post about how to drive an entrepreneur nuts, wherein one of the most commented on methods was noise. Yes noise, the great distractor, rates #1 among things that can drive a home based business owner completely batts. *smile*

    I have never been able to draw hands before, and I can only guess that this was either a glitch, or some odd blessing that comes from not being able to see half ot the piece while you are working on it. *chuckle*

    Hushyou took eight minutes and two tries to complete, and measures 4x5".

    I thought we were supposed to be in the city, I had to go and make a permaculture out of my yard, so when I opened the front door to check on something last night, I was greeted by an urban possum who promptly waddled off in the opposite direction.

    Of course we all know that the main reason for wildlife in the city is the human's constant encroaching on natural habitats, thus explaining Springfield's woodchuck, red foxe, alligator snapping turtle, armadillo, and possum populations, but it sure was odd encountering a bit of feral nature here in the center of town.

    Keebler filled up the oil lantern and we checked outside to verify that the little scavenger had indeed been frightened away by the lights and loud noises. We went to bed promptly after that, in preparation for the busy day to come.

    What should have been a restful sleep was instead punctuated with blinding sunlight streaming in through our bedroom window. (Note to self: NEVER build a house with a bedroom that has an east facing window.) When I finally gave up on any possibility of further sleep and decided to start the day, I realized that my entire body was rendered immobile due to a searing pain in my skull. Never in my life have I had a migraine like this one, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the vision problems from the night before were a warning sign I failed to recognise.

    After some pain meds and another hour in bed, it had toned down to a mere high-level migraine and I managed to emerge from my blanket cocoon. The household worked like a well oiled machine. Keebler made breakfast while Ladybug helped Littlebit with her clothes and morning rituals (teeth, hair, etc). I checked the email for last-minute RSVPs to the vermicomposting workshop and whispered instructions and lists to Keeb to help him get the class supplies in order. Perfect.

    Then I went to brush my teeth. I love clean teeth, really I do, but I was in for a nasty surprise. See, Keebler had filled the oil lamp over the bathroom sink to keep from making a mess on the floor, and somehow, my toothbrush fell into the sink before it was washed out (most possible story here, I really don't know for sure). Regardless of how, My migraine and I stuck a toxic oil-coated toothbrush into our mouth and didn't notice the repulsive flavor until we had already half finished the job.

    Much coughing, gagging, washing the toothbrush with heavy soaps, and rebrushing of the teeth later, I got off the phone with poison control and Keeb ran to go buy some milk and medicine. *sigh* I never knew liquid antacid could taste so good or feel so great. From now on, even the toothbrush gets the precursory sniff test.

    The car loaded, Ladybug, my migraine, my nausea, and I headed off to work while Keebler prepared to teach his very first workshop, alone, while keeping a close eye on Littlebit.

    Amazingly, everything went perfectly yet again. The workshop went off without a hitch, work was a blast, and somehow, chugging milk and sitting between two bands with powerful sound systems aimed at my head managed to shatter both nausea and migraine into a million tiny pieces. *happily waves bye bye to the pain* I'm not going to question blessings, you know?

    So here I am at the end of another day, and I wonder; "If we suffer during a day, does that somehow make everything else better, or is it only our perception that changes?"

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    Rrramone said...

    Enjoyed your wildlife tales, but the real question is, have you met The Simpsons in person yet??

    Rrramone said...

    Thanks for visiting my blogs, especially the homeless signs blog. Your comment was really amazing! As for the signs, I buy them from the people when I pull up to an intersection. The conversations goes "You want to sell your sign?", "Sure, how much?", "How much you want for it?" "5 bucks/10 bucks, etc." "Ok".

    And then I have a sign, and they have some money, and the beautiful thing is, we are both people who just traded for something we want and nobody seems like a victim in the exchange.

    TheRambleman said...

    You did a really good job on the "hushyou" hand. You're a good drawer :-)

    Opossums are kind of cute in their own way. We've had one stop on our porch before too, although it's been quite a while. Coyote?

    Glad the Keebler's workshops went well. That's great!

    Poseidion said...

    wow I love it!