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    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Tired Day After Primitive Skills Fair

    The Springfield Nature Center had a primitive skills event on Sunday, and we went with our friend (and Primitive Skills class teacher), Dliwehtfollac.

    It was a small event, but fun, with a good many crafts and skills on display. We had the most fun standing around and chatting with the demonstrators, both old friends and new.

    The only thing I thought was odd at the event was a demonstrator who was doing crochet and other middle-ages type crafts. Not quite what one expects to see at a primitive skills event.

    We bought a simple wild foods ID book from the center as well. Now we just have to memorize everything in it. *chuckle*

    Ladybug brought some of her own self-made primitive goodies and showed off, and now she may end up being a demonstrator at next year's event!

    After the event, we had dinner with a friend and tried to call another family to confirm an evening get together, but they weren't answering the phone. A few hours later, they called us to ask why we hadn't shown up yet, and we discovered that their ringer had been turned off and they were "invisible" on their messanger. *smirk* So we went over and had a bunch of fun anyway. Another friend who loves Charles De Lint was there, and we brought some of our books that we hadn't seen in his collection for him to borrow. Come to find out, he hadn't read three of the four we brought for him! He said this week would be a great one for the new reading material. I'm always excited to share De Lint.

    What a tired day. I've had little to no energy all day long. Maybe it was because everyone was off work and school in celebration of colonization and slavery day, but I can't be sure. It could also be because of all the energy I sent out lastnight (and the long, late night itself) for all those currently in need of positive thoughts and prayers.

    We're not even going to the Radish tonight. I might have tried to go, even given how tired I am, but the last two times we tried to attend a potluck, the doors were locked, and the three times before that, we were the only ones to bring food or even be there for the purpose of having the get together. I'm not in the mood for a dissapointment today.

    Moose just dropped by with her little angel and the girls played while we chatted. Seems she had stopped by at the Radish to find me since it was a monday, and it was open! There were only two people there, and there was no potluck, but it was open. *sigh* No biggie, I wasn't really awake enough to go anyway. *tired smile*


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    TheRambleman said...

    Glad to hear you had fun at the nature center. That's cool that Ladybug might be a demonstrator next year :-)