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    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    Bunnies First

    We have the best friends in the world. After asking randomly if a rabbit-raising friend of ours knew where we could find some good cages, she provided us with these at a really amazing price! Now we have enough cages to start breeding again and raising rabbits for real! *grin*

    So to introduce you to our rabbits; Top: Gothabunny (doe), under her are (left) Roschoreo and (right) WonWon (bucks), bottom cage is Brutita (doe) and next to her in a separate cage to the left is Doe (the dam of Gothabunny and Brutita with Roschoreo being their sire)

    Note the child snuggling the bunny in the huge lower cage. *chuckle*

    These fellows were the unhomed bucks from our first litter. They became dinner when my dear friend showed me how to butcher a rabbit properly and the following day when I butchered my very first rabbit on my own. It was surprisingly easier than I had thought it would be. *smile*

    No worries, they felt no pain, and died happily munching their favorite treat: dandelion greens.



    Anonymous said...

    First, let me say that I am NOT against killing animals for food, I'm totally for it and wish I had the guts to actually do it myself.
    I commend you for being able to provide your family with it's own meat supply! Huzzah!

    Now..... on to my comment.
    When I read the following statement:

    "No worries, they felt no pain, and died happily munching their
    favorite treat: dandelion greens."

    It struck a deep fear in me and I just had to laugh at myself.You see, ever since I was about 7 this disturbing thing has been happening to me, I'll be tripping along happy as a little lark, life couldn't be better tra la la la la, when suddenly a thought will strike me right between the eyes. What if I die right now? I mean, you read in the news paper about some young girl who died and it was such a horrible travesty because she had everything going for her, life was beautiful and then BAM, she dies.

    I have this fear.

    So, I can feel deeply for these poor little bunnies munching so happily on those yummy dandelion greens then BAM, they're dead.
    No dandelion greens for me for a while!

    TheRambleman said...

    I'm glad that you have no problem butchering them. Good for you. Rabbits certainly can be a good and quick source of meat. Just wish we actually LIKED the taste, if we did, we'd still be raising them.

    Whimspiration said...

    *ponder* Mayhaps I should have added that I thanked them for their sacrifice before I gave them the greens while they were still alive and paying attention? I feel they knew what was coming, but experienced no pain in the passing. I also think that, as animals closer to the natural cycles, they do not fear death, but embrace it as a simple fact of life. Then again, I could just be giving them more credit than they deserve. *shrug* I tend to like how I think of it though. *smile* Heck, if I can sympathize with a stone or a tree, I don't see how a rabbit can't have what most consider to be "higher thoughts" of some sort, ya know?

    That said, I think we have all had that fear at some point. It still lingers within me as well to a small degree. I deal with it by trying to live every day to my best ability, making the most impact with my life as I can, and telling everyone I know how much I care for them so that if/when I do go (no matter when it is it will likely be unexpected to some extent, and I will still be in the "prime" of my life, even at 90yo), I will have done my best and left the world a better place. It's all we really can do I think.

    Sorry I struck a chord. *comfort*

    Anonymous said...

    Animals fear death; fear being torn to pieces that is why they run from percieved danger. While it may be necesssary to eat animals one should not over romanicize their deaths.

    Whimspiration said...

    I didn't mean that they didn't fear death at all. Jeez that'd be like saying that no creature has ever had a survival instinct, which is just plain idiotic.

    I do think however, that by thanking the creature before the deed is done, that said creature is able to accept that passing (even if just on some spiritual level) with more peace and calm than, say, a high-speed chase down by a ravenous hawk, dig?

    Killing (and gardening or wild harvesting) food are very spiritual experiences for me. It brings us closer to the natural cycles. Death is not romantic any more than plucking a tomato is. It is swift, abrubpt, and a cold reality. I thank my plants at harvest as well.

    It is NOT necessary to eat animals, it is a choice I made. That's another reason why I kill them myself. I feel better knowing that I am capable of taking the full responsibility for the actions that led to my dinner.

    I feel that people incapable of facing the fact that their meal had to die should be fruitatarians, but maybe that's just me, another one of those strange people who thinks of animals as intelligent and still eats them for dinner.