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    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Unsorted Missing Posts

    Keebler turned 29 on the 4th of October, and to celebrate, nobody cooked and we went shopping for household supplies. We ended up encountering a clearance rack where we found a great new toolkit, and compact flourescent grow lights for the greenhouse! Oh happiness with the lowered electricity costs! *grin*

    We've been meaning to get the raised bed up for a while, but never quite had the time, so when a friend dropped by a circular saw for us to borrow last Wednesday, we began work. We're still not done with it, but things are moving along nicely and we hope to have it done by Thursday so that we can return the saw then.

    The neighborhood can man sold me a new bicycle the other day as well, which means that Ladybug and I both have new wheels that fit! Now that everyone in the family has some sort of self-powered transport again, the riding shall commense (as soon as the schedule settles down a bit more).

    We've managed to fill up our schedule with obligations yet again, and are now busy every Monday through Friday and Sunday with something or another. This week is the "worst", with everything falling into place so that every single day we have at least one several-hour engagement, but most days have more than one of them. *happy yet tired sigh* I simply adore helping out, but sometimes I feel I am stretching myself too thin.

    I've been working on the video from last Vision Con again, and I've decided that I should just put them up onto youtube so that those who wish to have them can download them at their leisure for their own editing needs. Just having recorded (and provided) the videos should be enough. I should stop trying to push myself so hard when it has not been asked of me.



    TheRambleman said...


    And to you, Whimsperation lady, you do need to stop pushing yourself so hard. Then again, that would be you, I don't think. We love you just the way you are! *HUGS*

    lovelife said...

    you sure do keep your self busy. but do remember to give some time for your self.