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    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    Rambling, Ranting Update

    Photo is what happens when I let Keeb play with the cooking impliments after I've used them for preparing lunch, and the camera. Picture has nothing to do with this post, but I felt we needed an image due to the lack of images on the blog recently.

    It is really easy to tell the tales of humor that have evolved from this hard time in our lives and neglect to share the horror. Almost too easy.

    To publicly ignore or disregard the helplessness, rage, blind panic, righteous indignation, and the terror that we feel every time the government shows up at our door is too tempting, but really I don't know where to start or how I could do justice to the emotions running turmoil in each one of us this past week. If we don't laugh, we will be able to do nothing but cry. Suffice it to say that every time they show up it not only disrupts our lives, but kills our piece of mind as we all imagine the police coming and tearing the children out of our loving, protective arms only to turn them over to not only people who do not know or love them, and could quite possibly abuse, neglect, or even murder them, but also to force them into public schools where they can be taught any of a number of horrible, negative, and destructive things. It is an emotional roller coaster, and it is all we can do to try to remain showing some semblance of stability for the children.

    Some delusional crack addict can call DFS on us anonymously, and suddenly we are bad parents according to the government and we have to prove that we are good people. When we prove we have done nothing wrong (for the umpteenth time), does the reporter get punished in some way for making a false report? No. But we get another report filed on our permanent record so it looks worse on us each time a person calls. *sigh* I really don't know why concerned individuals can't just come and check if the parents are there before they call, especially with the many places around our house that we can see the kids from (and so can the strangers) but people on the street can't see us parents. Stupid non-community nanny state BS. Innocent until proven guilty has been dead for a good long time (over 20 years at least) in this country, and I'm sick of it.

    A great many thanks go to our friends and family who are keeping us in their hearts and in their prayers. Every bit of positive energy sent towards this counts for something, and we appreciate it so much. Thank you also to those of you who have volunteered to call and vouch for our parenting skills and the safety and happiness of the children in our home.

    I had to cancel our last appointment (Wednesday) because of Ladybug's bells class, picking up Keebler from work, and delivering dinner to some church friends at the hospital. There was also a visit from a police officer in the afternoon on Wednesday that hit the limit of my stress to such an extent that I ended up accusing him of feeling all "big and powerful" because of his "piece of tin" right to his face. No worries, it's not against the law to insult a badge, and I never said anything disparaging about him personally. I'll likely tell the full story here sometime, just for the humor factor of it, but not right now. Things still feel way too serious for making fun of the situation here on the blog. The appointment was rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon.
    Our ordeal is not yet over. We have until the end of Monday to get the "they're good parents" calls in from those who want to make them. (The social worker asked for us to have people call her, so it's her fault if her voice mail inbox gets full, right?)

    Our house is darned near perfect, and we rearranged too, making it all designer-like and stuff. With it being time to bring in the potted and tropical plants from outside, the living room now looks like it was attacked by a high-quality, low-budget interior decorator with a passion for growing things. Of course, it sort of was. *chuckle*

    Keebler lost his job, literally for no reason. They refused to say why they really fired him. We think it may be because he didn't get involved in the creationism talk on his first day. It is possible (as one friend told us) that the people his employer sent him to work with were bound to not fire a new contracted employee until his training was completed. *shrug* We'll probably never know.

    This stress is doing nothing good for our relationship either, and at one point I ended up throwing potatoes at him because he wouldn't leave me alone. I have NEVER thrown anything AT anyone before, if that tells you how bad it was for a while. We've had a few deep talks, and things are looking better now, even to the point that talking about throwing a potato has become an inside family joke about me being angry, and I am tempted to make myself a plushie tater just so that I can toss it for emphasis and we can use it for games. *chuckle*

    For those of you that have been worrying about us since the last personal post, we are doing as best as can be expected under the circumstances, and we appreciate your concern and support.

    Much Love



    lovelife said...

    O when did it change that you cant throw food at a loved one lol
    I think that could be a sport in some homes. Just a joke.
    Glad you are all doing some what better. Hell I love you all. Like that makes life better lol
    if you need a friend call ok.
    Kiss to you all.

    Faith said...

    Thank you for sharing from your heart here, you bring so much life and encouragement into my life, I wish to do the same for you during this hard time.
    Your house did look lovely :)
    {{{{{K and fam}}}}}

    dl_steph said...

    I throw things at Allen all the time, though it's usually things that won't do any damage when I inevitably hit my mark. *chuckles* What number do I call to leave a "they're good parents" report, anyway?


    TheRambleman said...

    {{{{{Kryistina}}}}} Many, many hugs and lots and lots of all the energy Rain and I can spare is coming your way. If there's anything we can do, don't hesitate to ask. Love ya!