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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Cold & Hard

    Tonight is predicted our first hard frost of the season. With everything else that has been going on, I can't do much more than hope that what we have done for the plants as of two Saturdays ago will be enough to protect them for the night.

    Tonight will be spent working the last tiny bits of perfection into the house. Mopping and vacuming for one final time, dusting pictures and electronics, straightening trinkets, and scooting the excess paperwork off of the top of my desk and into a drawer for later retrieval. Nothing important, but I don't think the place can be too clean at this point.

    GM, a good friend of ours, printed up a small booklet of the photos we have taken recently of the house (clean) so that I can use it to show to the social worker when she comes by tomorrow. I may not be willing to let her into the house because I cherish my rights, but I will happily let her see inside via another method. I wouldn't want her to feel that I wasn't letting her do her job, you see. *grin* GM even made us a secondary copy so that we could let her have a set of photos to take with her if she wishes to. So thoughtful.

    It will be difficult to sleep this night.

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