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    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    Sudbury School

    Went to a fundraising meeting for Springfield Sudbury School recently. Sudbury is this great option for parents who want their kids in a democratic child-led learning enviornment, but don't feel that they can provide that at home for whatever reason. It is truly a beautiful thing. The kids are a part of the literal operations of the school, including decision-making and rule interpretation, and they can also decide what, when, and how they learn, or don't learn for that matter. As a strong proponent of unschooling, I have to say that if I ever sent my kids off somewhere to learn, I would send them to a Sudbury.

    I find it exciting that a Sudbury School existing in Springfield because of what it does for the city's image. These schools are for free thinkers, people who cherish freedom and choice and embrace learning as a lifelong journey of exploration. They respect all people as equals regardeless of age, gender, or religion, and, well, it is truly a beautiful thing. Simply having a Sudbury in this town will attract more open-minded and active members to our community.

    Not only is Sudbury a great place for kids, and a fabulous new educational option that we should support, it is also a potentially amazing boon for the state of our community at large!


    Andrea said...

    I wish I could afford it. I'd love to throw in the towel on homeschooling. I don't think I've ever failed so miserably at a thing before in my life.

    TheRambleman said...

    Cool. That will be a great option for those who feel the need to send their kids to a "school", but dislike the idea of regular public school :-) I'm happy for your city.