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    Monday, October 30, 2006

    No Coats Over Costumes

    Have a Halloween costume that is really lightweight or shows a lot of skin and it's getting cold outside? Want to still look your Halloweeny best? Worry no more, I have the answer for you.


    You heard me right, pantyhose. They're tan colored, and most people won't notice you are wearing them even in broad daylight, much less in the dark of the evening at a party or while trick-or-treating.

    How to:
    Grab a couple pair and carefully cut out the cotton area in the crotch of the hosiery. Cut off the tips of the feet, and use it as a shirt (the groin hole is the top where your head fits, and the "waist" covers your torso and chest). Use multiple layers for added warmth. Slip some on your legs as well, and you can still maintain the full cool factor of your costume without feeling cold.

    * To keep the hosiery from rolling up, snip a small hole in the end and slip your thumb through to hold it in place.

    * For additional warmth, get an old set of thermal underwear, cut to fit under the costume, and wear the hose over the top. Cozy!

    In the image above, the girls have pantyhose sleeves and leggings, double-layered. The temperature was about 45 degrees and they were comfortable. Formal showing off and introduction to their costumes coming shortly. *smile*


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    TheRambleman said...

    Huh, who'd a thunk it. I would've never even considered panty house as something to wear for warmth. Good one :-)