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    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    My Halloween Costume & Stuff

    Work was fun, but there wasn't much money made from it, as two sororities decided to have face painting in addition to me, and we had two walk-off-no-pays today on top of that. (it happens when there are other face painters there for some reason). You'd think the two groups would have communicated ahead of the homecoming game to make sure they weren't copying each other so that they could both make good money, but no, they both had face painting and a duck pond! The dual duplication was kinda creepy.

    But it was fun, I got multiple compliments on my dreads (who finally turned 2yo last week and are now officially "mature" dreadlocks) and my costume looks fantastic. (I am a fairy godmother, ala Disney cartoon-style. Fat, dumpy, eccentric, and garish with tiny little impotent wings.) *snicker* It has gotta be one of the best large woman costumes out there, and I put it together myself. (wings homemade)

    We had an absolute blast at the UU Halloween party, but stayed a bit too late and ended up missing all but the goodbyes of the drumming on the square. When we got home, we scheduled for a babysitter so we adults could attend yet another party, but couldn't find the paperwork for the event or contact the host, so we are all going to bed early. Heck, we need the rest, but I feel bad about letting him down, even though the plans were only tentative. *sigh*


    lovelife said...

    Such a cute pic of you. God what dreams I can have now lol

    Mama Chaos said...

    LOL I love the costume!

    Anonymous said...

    Look at you! So adorable!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, too cute!!!

    TheRambleman said...

    You're a very cut Fairy God Mother :-) Good job on the costume!

    Anonymous said...

    Your costume is fabulous!!! Very cute!

    Too bad about the work part, though.