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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006


    At 6:52pm on Sunday, October 29th, our dear friend Hidiki crossed over the rainbow bridge.

    He joins his brother Lafarga in eternal play until the time comes for their rebirths. He is survived by 4 sons and 6 daughters. Now they have more time to snuggle together like they did in life.

    Hidiki was my baby, my first rat, the one who claimed me from birth and hung on for dear life while I protested "I will not have a pink eyed, white rat" and "white rats are ugly". His first time snurffling someone's ear was my ear, and his first hair-burrow was in my hair. Every ratty first I had was with him. I quickly fell in love, not that I had much choice. *smile*

    He was a stubborn one, proving to me over and over that I was destined to be his person, even to the point of turning into a cream colored Himalayan at puberty. He shoulder-rode in the St Patty's day parade this past spring "painted" green with spirulina powder and served as an emmisary for rats everywhere he went, wriggling into many a heart with his expressive eyes, adorable wiggly pink nose, and gentle manner.

    When I started, these, my second set of dreads, he was there to share in the experience and heped teach me patience. I love him dearly, and we all miss him greatly.

    We shared so much together in his all-too-short time on this earthly plane. Now I understand why there are so many rat lovers who swear they will never have a rat again after loosing one. They are so precious and precotious. So wonderful, full of personality and love... I could never have had enough time with him.


    Andrea said...

    I am so sorry. I still miss my Willard who died almost eight years ago. Those little buggers really do make you fall in love with them.

    lovelife said...

    I am so sorry that a loved pet has passed away.

    Anonymous said...

    My condolences. It's never easy to say goodbye.

    Anonymous said...

    Mega hugs!

    TheRambleman said...

    My condolences :-(

    Anonymous said...

    I've had many ratties myself and know how sweet and loving they can be!
    Blessed be his little soul!