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    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Stage Two Complete

    The kids are still here, and the social worker is gone.

    She came and talked to us today, our conversation underscored by the sound of happy child-play in the back bedroom. The kids came out from time to time to see who we were talking with, then returned to their fun after I shooed them away.

    The caller had said that Ladybug was 9 (she's 12, just small). That could partially explain why we keep getting reported about "little kids" being outside.

    We have filed a police report for harassment as well, since we seem to be on a roll. Seems we don't need to know who is harassing us, the police will search that out for us. *smile*

    The house is nearly perfect, and we will continue to work on the hidden places (closets still need sorted, drawers need rearranged) over the next week or so. Still too busy to do much else than keep up with what we currently have going on and what we have to do around the citystead. No time to stay home and clean for a full day. *sigh*

    But the kids are safe, and that's all that matters.


    lovelife said...

    hi so happy all worked out. hope who ever keeps calling gets some help there self.

    Faith said...

    I am so releaved to get this news!!!
    Can I say Hallelujah!!??!!
    I've been praying so much for all of you!
    Take a deep breath now, they're home and safe.
    {{{{{{K and fam}}}}}}}}}

    Anonymous said...

    I never posted my well wishes to you, but I hope you've been feeling them! Glad they're gone for now and out of your hair, and that you have recourse with the police.

    Anonymous said...

    I am sooooooooooooo happy for you. I hope that the harrassment thing goes through and puts a stop to it all, once and for all.