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    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    How to Top 5 +1

    The results are in for the group writing project over at Pro Blogger. Over 300 bloggers turned out to participate and the final list is The Biggest List of ‘How To’ Blog Posts Ever Assembled.

    The thing is, admissions couldn't be old posts. They all had to be new ones. New how to posts on demand, pick a subject. I found it really challenging, but also exceedingly fun. *smile* I will definitely be participating in the next group writing project over there if I can.

    In order to further increase community in the blogosphere and in accordance with the suggestions where all this started, here are my top 5 in no particular order.

    How to Always be Late for Everything by Nascent Life.
    A funny and honest look at what makes the incessantly late get that way more often than not. A very good read.

    Creating Cartoons With Your Pencil and Computer Part 1 by Chewing Pencils
    Informative and helpful, with full illistrations to help you along, the beginning of this series looks like it has a lot to offer anyone looking to get into multimedia art.

    How to Have a Better Garden than the Neighbors by Doug Green's Gardening
    Well written and simple, while still being highly conversational and friendly. I like the subject matter and how he writes. Garden bloggers unite!

    Attempting to "how too" - now with more pie! by Busy Mom
    A hilarious look at how danred near impossible it is for a busy mom to kick out good content on short notice. Beautifully done, and it gave me a good laugh right when I needed it, all the while nodding my head in agreement.

    Teach a Person Good Headers and Style Cred is Theres For Life
    A really informative and well written post on a rather obscure but important blogging subject. Not only has the subject not been covered very thoroughly, but the title just refuses to leave my head.

    I will say that there were a lot of amazing and well written posts submitted. I will also say that, like most people, my choices of what to read were based almost entirely on the title of the post, so I did not read all of the entries.

    How to Begin Selling on Ebay by Thatedeguy
    A great starting point for anyone interested in selling on Ebay, outlining all of the basics so you don't get lost in the beginning and give up in dissapointment. I chose this one thinking of my friend They-are-not-aware, who I just met in person for the first time this week (much with the happiness). I only skimmed through this one because the absence of line breaks was about to drive me mad, but I had to link to it for her. *smile*

    Anybody know what kind of spider that is up there? She lives in our shed.

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    Yvonne said...

    Hi =) I'm glad you found the article informative. And also that there's at least one person out there who didn't find the title corny :D

    Thanks for the compliment ^_^

    TheRambleman said...

    "Anybody know what kind of spider that is up there? She lives in our shed."

    Rain says it's a "Garden Orb Weaver" :-)

    Whimspiration said...

    Thanks! Ladybug got to watch it wrapping it's dinner, and Keerbler just HAD to catch a shot of it on the camera. It was windy, so the web kept moving and that was the best shot of it he could get. *chuckle*

    Busy Mom said...

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Anonymous said...

    "Orb weaver" is actually a group name. The most commonly thought of one of the orb weavers are the big black-and-yellow ones, but yes, that is a variety of orb weaver as well. Much beneficial goodness.

    -Irish Mike.