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    Friday, September 22, 2006

    1 2 3

    this is an audio post - click to play

    I heard the girls chanting in the kitchen earlier and caught them with the phone for an audio post. It seems Ladybug has decided to teach Littlebit French. *chuckle*

    The adults have had no part in this. Dont you just love unschooling? I know we do. *laugh*

    You may have to wait a bit for it to load. It takes about 15 seconds to load on broadband.

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    lovelife said...

    ok tried to play the post and it would not work.:(

    TheRambleman said...

    1, 2, 3 in English and French? I heard it by downloading it, and then playing it in an MP3 player.

    Faith said...

    I heard it!!
    Such sweet young voices :)
    1, 2, 3, what though?
    I didn't recognize the song.
    How did you do this and post it?

    Whimspiration said...

    There is a feature in Blogger that allows you to call a phone number and record a voice message that automatically posts to your blog. It's terribly convenient.

    Long distance number in most places, and it takes almost a full day to post, but it's still convenient for those things one has no other way to post.